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LFKAQ is not and will never be listed on 

We do not care to contribute or aid in the careless, imperialist, and goofy space mission(s) of Jeff Bezos & his associates while they annihilate our planet, monopolize the commons, and divest from our communities.


Consider directly supporting an emerging Black trans immigrant author by purchasing a book directly from them: here.



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The beginning of this intergenerational portrait series, LFKAQ: Volume 1 spotlights the Queer American immigrant community and their experiences living and working in Minnesota. The series documented the stories of 5 phenomenal human beings and how they use their unique definitions of “Queer” to expand and challenge the term’s meaning to go beyond sexuality and aesthetics. Each subject candidly shared their narratives, knowledge and insight on Queer identity and discuss its function to serve beyond the constructs of gender and sexuality in pursuit to liberate all aspects of their humanity in mind, body, and spirit. 

 This first book was printed with Smart Set, self-published, and partially funded through an artist-in-residency with Proof Public.



LFKAQ: Volume 2 is a multimedia oral history and archival project documenting the intergenerational narratives of Queer/Trans American immigrants of color and their personal experiences of migrating and making home in the Twin Cities. 


LFKAQ focuses on the root causes of mass migration and displacement around the world, particularly the role of U.S. foreign and climate policy. This series maps the lived experiences of Queer and Trans immigrants of color and the ways in which their bodies are policed, erased and exploited on a daily basis.

Printed & published through Wise Ink Publishing, a Minneapolis-based Black owned publishing company, this new art publication includes 80+ pages of vibrant, full-color studio and environmental portraits, transcribed interviews and graphic quotes gathered from local residents originally from Cameroon, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Kenya.

Books are now available to purchase and ships worldwide!


Community, as seen through the warm, visual voice of Nancy Musinguzi is a beautiful gift. LFKAQ offers us intimate and unapologetically beautiful portraits of humanness that challenge all of the ways Queer, immigrant, Black, people-of-color, non-binary are serially assumed to be separate and unthinkable in one body. This is the book that we need right now. Musinguzi's poetic images and thoughtful questions are the much needed salve that allows us to re-imagine both a sense of self and a sense of place.



- Tia-Simone Gardner, Author of Sensing Place: House-Scale, Black Geographies, and a Humanly Workable City

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