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Terms & Conditions:

  • Contributors must make a profile in order to create threads and publish posts. Users must be 18+ years old to create a profile.

  • This space is considered a “Commons”. Meaning, all content and information shared here is free and accessible to all. We do not own any media or content published by user contributors. 

  • No promotion of racism, facism, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism or any other harmful ideolgogies on this forum. While folks in our community are in their own stages of unlearning / deconstructing harmful practices and outdated expressions out of their vocabularies, we will not tolerate any level of harassment, violence, doxxing.

  • Do not share any private or sensitive information, especially about others without their explicit consent. Conversations around citizenship, crossing borders, and other acts that may be considered illegal in the eyes of the state should be limited to narratives-only and not contain any intimate information that could potentially reveal a person’s identity.

  • Do not create threads or posts that are made to promote a product, service or event that is unrelated to expanding access and quality life to marginalized Queer and trans immigrants.

  • Your personal data from your profile will never be shared, used or sold to any third-party entity or for-profit purposes under any circumstances.

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